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05:05 PM Mumble Bug #90 (New): Obnoxious spam control system messages when joining server/switching channel
Since a few weeks the server spews messages about an active Spam control system with ridiculous claims of the amount ... Mad Maurice


08:59 PM website Revision 741c60a1 (website-no-lfs): prettify config
Mad Maurice
08:59 PM website Revision 652ed158 (website-no-lfs): Add short version of coc
Mad Maurice


10:32 PM website Bug #78 (Closed): Repository broken
What's with the recreating of the git repository without git-lfs? Care to explain? Mad Maurice
10:26 PM website Bug #72: Impressum broken
I still have the original git repository on my disk. For some reason someone recreated the website repository without... Mad Maurice


09:08 PM Nextcloud Bug #17 (Resolved): Nextcloud is down
The docker network was broken, recreating things helped. Mad Maurice


08:39 PM reverse proxy Bug #8: Remove internal information from docker-compose file
Change it back if you want. It seemed leaky on the first look. Mad Maurice


10:12 PM reverse proxy Bug #8 (Closed): Remove internal information from docker-compose file
cpp nad I discovered today that there's internal or rather information that is specific to our use case within the do... Mad Maurice


08:26 PM website Revision d0865e4d (website-no-lfs): Make navigation scrollable when browser too narrow
This adds scrollbars to the navigation when the browser is too narrow but too
wide for the mobile version of the menu...
Mad Maurice


10:30 PM website Revision fe567d85 (website-no-lfs): Fix menuorder for doxing pages
Mad Maurice

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