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03:09 PM zomstream Revision bbfa3536 (zomstream-github): nginx: add timeout configurations for rtmp
i hope this will fix the "stuck" streams when the client disconnects due to a network
error and it can't reconnect fo...
Chris -
03:08 PM zomstream Revision 4a6cc0da (zomstream-github): update baseimage and make the frontend compatible to current library versions
Chris -


10:14 PM zomstream Revision d784c1d0 (zomstream-github): update footer and stat_url in default config
Chris -
10:09 PM zomstream Revision 64fe6374 (zomstream-github): fix Typo in
Chris -
10:06 PM zomstream Revision c71bb396 (zomstream-github): update to reflect changes on v0.3
Chris -
09:09 PM zomstream Revision 7190c866 (zomstream-github): Change Web Streaming Backend from HLS to HTTP-FLV
Chris -
05:59 PM zomstream Revision 52eb1a43 (zomstream-github): crlf
Chris -
05:57 PM zomstream Revision 01922dbf (zomstream-github): remove unnecessary caching of the index page
Chris -
05:14 PM reverse proxy Bug #39: Disable old cipher suites and strenghten forward secrecy
habs zum laufen bekommen. Ist scheinbar auch wichtig, wo die Konfiguration liegt:
Chris -


09:51 PM reverse proxy Bug #39: Disable old cipher suites and strenghten forward secrecy
Angepasste Konfig ist hinterlegt, wird aber scheinbar nicht aktiv. Gibt keinen Fehler beim Reload oder so aber TLSv1 ... Chris -

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